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Our Golden Retriever Mamas                                             

Duchess is the most tolerant, loving dog you will ever meet. While these are common traits for goldens, her temperament goes above and beyond what is expected for the breed. Whether she has a toddler bouncing on her back or another dog's puppies tugging at her ears, Duchess glows with patience. She rarely barks and is all around the ideal dog. She is our "happy mama".

We could say that Duchess is my husband's dog, but it would be more accurate to say that my husband is her personShe enjoys walks up the canyon, having her ears scratched, and sitting at our feet.


Rosie is a deep cinnamon golden retriever. Her dark red coloring is the most vibrant you can find in a purebred golden. She throws large, beautiful, healthy litters. During one of her pregnancy visits to the vet, the vet exclaimed that she was the healthiest mama that he had ever seen. Rosie is the epitome of the type of dog we look for here with Happy Healthy Homes. 

Rosie lives here in Idaho with our very own Rachel. She loves playing keep away and for the sides of her face to be rubbed. She is a very loving dog that can sense the emotions of those around her. 


As of this July Sugar is the newest member of our guardian family! She is a beautiful English Cream golden that will be ready for litters next summer. She has huge, deep brown eyes and the sweetest personality. When we picked her up, everyone instantly fell in love. 

We are currently looking for a guardian home for Sugar. If you are interested, just give us a call!

Our Bernese Mountain Dog Mamas                                    


Mocha is our Ukranian beauty. Brought into our program from overseas, she sports a beautiful auburn markings with a black coat that has tinges of red. Her markings are clear and symmetrical, making her one of the most beautiful Bernese mountain dogs that we've ever seen (not that we're biased, of course). 

Mocha is my personal dog, and can't get enough attention. She loves to back right into me and sit on my feet. She is a quick learner, and very eager to please. 


Toffee is an upcoming star in our program with her rich fluffy coat. Her parents were selected from across the states for the longevity of their genetics. In other words, She and her sister Alaya were bred for longer lifespans as compared with other dogs her breed. 

Toffee lives with her guardian Rachel, Rosie (a golden retriever also in the program) and the family cat (who she enjoys playing tag with). She is very outgoing, and tries to make friends with anyone (or anything) she comes into contact with. 


Alaya is Toffee's sister, and was selected from her litter for her smaller size and sleeker coat. Like Toffee, she has wonderful genetics that will provide her puppies with the building blocks to promote longer, healthier lives. Her sleeker coat will be perfect for Bernedoodles.

Alaya lives with an incredibly dedicated guardian family in the southwestern part of Wyoming. She enjoys playing with the family's two children and loves her happy healthy home!

Our Husky (Pomsky) Mamas                                                 


Fewer dogs exemplify the husky breed more than Suki. With her piercing blue eyes and tall build she has a powerfully striking appearance, but at heart is playful and energetic.


Suki is always down for a good run, regardless of how many runs she has already been on that day. She is very trainable and intelligent, and gets along well with people. Suki is the largest of the huskies in our program. She throws  both black and red pups.


Foxy is beautiful and she knows it. From her stunning appearance to her fox-like red and white coat, Miss Foxy lives up to every aspect of her name. Her beautiful blue eyes stand out against the dark red of her coat. We acquired Foxy for the program from out of state, and chose her for her vivid color. 

Foxy's favorite pastime is hunting the voles that live in the field next to her home. While she may not be the best at catching them (due mainly to her lack of stealth) she enjoys digging out the holes and shoving her nose as far down as she can. 


Nala is a sweetheart of a husky. She has a blissfully soft white coat that is tipped with golds and reds. She has beautiful heterochromic eyes that she often passes to her puppies. 

Nala is the sweetest of our huskies. When she wants something she lets out a long, low pitched howl while trotting beside whomever she sees, maintaining constant eye contact with her beautiful bi colored eyes. She throws just about every color of puppy under the sun; most of which sport her beautiful husky mask. 

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