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Become a Guardian                                                                 

When it comes to guardians, we feel that it is the more the merrier! Having more dogs in the program means that our dogs can retire earlier and spend less time away from their families. It is a win win all around! 

We are always looking for more qualified people and families. Fill out the guardian application by clicking the link to the right (it will take you to a google forms document). Within five days we will contact you and have an informal interview over the phone, and you'll be all set!

Guardian FAQs                                 


Basic Program Rundown

       If you are awarded guardianship of one of our puppies, they will live with and love you like any other dog. When they are roughly two years old, we will breed them once a year. This means that they will be gone from you for a week while they are being bred, will stay with you during pregnancy, and will come back to our home for two months to raise their puppies. After every litter, we award your family $500 as a thank you bonus. After your dog is done having puppies, we spay them at no expense to you and transfer legal ownership back to your family.  

Why a guardianship program? 

      It is simple, because every dog deserves a good home. We want to help make the change in the world away from kennel breeding, one happy home at a time. 

Who will qualify for a puppy? 

       We know every situation is different. Some people have kids, others live alone. We here at Happy Healthy Homes know that every home deserves a good dog as much as every dog deserves a home. Weather you are single, have a big family, or somewhere inbetween feel free to apply and reach out to us!

How long will it take to get a guardian puppy? 

     After you have been accepted, we will begin looking for a puppy that is right for you and our program. Sometimes we have a puppy ready to go as soon as you are, but generally it will take no more than two months. If you want an adult dog, it may take a little longer for us to find a good fit. 

How much do guardian dogs cost? 

      Guardian dogs are $500, as opposed to the thousands of dollars that the dog would normally cost to purchase. 

What perks are there to having a guardian dog? 

      For starters, the reduced pricetag. After every litter, we will award your family with a $500 thank you bonus after the dog is returned to you. Also, you will have a dog that has gone through the stages of becoming a mother. In our experience, these dogs tend to be more patient and loving than their counterparts. 



How close do I have to be? 

       We prefer our guardian homes to be within two hours of the zipcode 83268. That being said, we do have committed families as far as Southern Wyoming that recognized the benifits of having a quality dog from our program. If you live outside of the zipcode, you must be willing to travel to meet us partway for each transfer. 

How many litters will my dog have?

        Each dog is different, depending on both the program and your family's needs. One of the big perks of having a guardian dog program is that we have the freedom to limit the number of times we breed each dog. We will set a "max number of litters" with you during the application process. Many dogs get to be retired from the program before the max number of litters are met:)

What am I responsible for? What is the Breeder responsible for? 

        Basically, the puppy will be just like any other dog you own. You will be responsible for basic vet visits and care, food, and exercise needs for your puppy. We will be responsible for any pregnancy related expenses (prenatal vitamins, prenatal vet visits etc.) For more information, see our example contract. 

Still have questions? 

   No problem! It shows you're interested:) Just get in contact with me, and I'd be happy to personally answer any questions over call, text, or email. 

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