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 About Us                                                                                   

     We are second generation breeders that are 100% dedicated to creating the best family dogs possible. We know from experience how hard it is to cope with dogs that have had genetic diseases, dogs that were unhealthy, dogs that were born and raised in a puppy mill, and how hard it can be to adjust to a shelter dog in your home with your family. We seek to improve the quality of dogs available on the market, and to improve the standard for breeders by doing everything we can to better ourselves. 

We strive for Genetic Excellence 

Our dogs have come from across the nation and world to bring diversity into our lines. It has been shown that inbreeding can decrease the lifespan of a dog by as much as 50%; that turns into YEARS you loose with your family member because of something that could have been avoided.

          In addition to inbreeding, another thing we take very seriously is the integrity of the genetics of our dogs. All of our dogs have either been genetically tested, or are in the process of being genetically tested to ensure that you don't end up with a puppy that will break your heart. Growing up, I had a miniature schnouzer that my family loved. Her name was Angel. Angel ended up with diabetes and had an assortment of problems that were very difficult for my family to deal with. Why deal with a problem common to your favorite breed if you don't have to? 

We work hard for healthy, clean environments

          It is heartbreaking for me to talk to people who have purchased a puppy that came from less than ideal circumstances and ended up suffering the consequences. One particular friend of mine had purchased a Bernese mountain dog puppy from a breeder that she did not thoroughly research. The puppy came home with parvo and several other diseases, and they watched in horror as problem after problem surfaced. Though the puppy survived initially, it passed away after it was only 8 or 9 months old. Having lived with and loved the puppy for more than half a year, my friend and her children were absolutely devastated. 

          To combat parvo and other diseases, we clean the things that the puppies come in contact with daily with bleach and rinse with plenty of water. We ONLY use high end plastic whelping boxes from a company called Dura-Whelp. Unlike the wooden boxes that are commonly used to raise puppies by other breeders, plastic whelping boxes cannot harbor bacteria and clean easily; keeping our puppies dry, clean, and healthy.


Every dog deserves a good home

          "Every dog deserves a good home" has been our moto from day one. Puppy Mills are something that have always set me on edge. In the past I have had personal experiences with puppy mills that still make me cringe to think about.

           The first puppy mill puppy I had ever met was a Bernese. She was about 5 months old when she was taken home, and it became clear very quickly she was scared of EVERYTHING. Within five minutes of being home, she wedged herself between a shelf and the wall. The entire shelf had to be emptied to get her out safely. She was scared of people, other dogs, anything that moved, running water, and the lights being turned on and off. What's more, she had giardia (which spread to other pets and the neighbor's pets), worms (which also got spread around) and other health issues that took forever to work out. EVERY PUPPY DESERVES BASIC CARE AND SOCIALIZATION.

          The other experience was not with a puppy, but with a mother golden retriever that had been used in a puppy mill. The owners claimed that she was only three or four years old, but this dog looked to be closer to seven or eight. Chronic, untreated ear infections had left irreparable damage. She didn't know her name, and flinched every time someone came near her. NO DOG SHOULD LACK TREATMENT AND CARE like she did. 


Our commitment against puppy mills and backyard breeding 

          As we've said, "every dog deserves a good home." In order to keep ourselves as far away from being a puppy mill as possible, we place breeding dogs in a carefully selected guardian home so that they have a place where they are loved and cared for. When it is time for a dog to have a litter once a year, we have the freedom to be able to bring them into OUR OWN HOME to have and raise their puppies because we don't have dozens of dogs in cages to care for. 

            One thing we have been asked is weather or not we consider ourselves "backyard breeders" because we raise each of our litters in our own home. The answer, by our definition, is a resounding "NO." Backyard breeding, to us, is when a breeder is uneducated about the needs, standards, and potential problems that come with breeding dogs. I believe than anyone can breed their dog and not be considered a "backyard breeder" if they educate themselves about how to care for a pregnant dog and her litter properly. 

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