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Our Poodle (Doodle) Papas                                                   


Yes yes, we know that's spelled wrong. Marshmellow got his name from his two most prominent characteristics: his soft, fluffy white coat; and his mellow temperament. He came from high quality show lines that focused on tempermant, striving to create a dog as fashionable as the poodle yet as calm as a golden retriever. True to his genes, Marshmellow is very friendly and outgoing and calm around people, unlike many of his poodle relatives. 

I knew the moment I saw him that he would be perfect for the program. When I inquired about him, his breeders said that they do not award breeding rights to preserve their program. After much negotiation, we were able  to aquire him for the program. Win! He's not available for stud. 


Charming is a beautiful dual registered standard poodle. He is an external stud that belongs to a fellow breeder we have known for years. He throws large, healthy litters that have between 8 and 14 puppies. 

Charming has proven time and time again to be an amazing specimen of a dog. Every time a new test of his quality comes into play, he far exceeds his fellows. For example, when Charming was being inspected for his OFA hip exams, the vet exclaimed that Charming "had the best hips of any dog he had ever inspected!"

Charming is available for stud. 

Our Golden Retriever Papas                                                


Buck is a LARGE golden retriever with a big, blocky head and silky white coat. Pictures have a hard time doing him justice. He loves to be at the feet of anyone who will rub his belly. Buck is friendly and outgoing, as most goldens are, and is an excellent family dog. 

Buck lives with our extended family. He is fantastic with kids and other animals. 

Buck is available for stud. If interested, please contact us

Our Pomeranian (Pomsky) Papas                                         

Pom Pom

Normally, I like big dogs (hence the Bernese in our program) but Pom Pom is something else! While we originally considered naming him Napoleon because he would be the little man on the block, Pom Pom has proven to be quite the character. 

His beautiful orange coat is bright and glossy, and sports various shades of deep orange fading to white across his body. 

Pom Pom is available for stud. If interested contact us. 

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