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Our Bengal Mamas _____                                                  

Shira is one of the most beautiful bengals you have ever seen. Her body is elegant and slender. Her rosettes are distinct, complete circles that stand out boldly against the rest of her glittered fur. She has shown to pass these traits to all of her children. She has large green eyes.

Shira was one of the first cats in our program. She will run up to greet you when you enter a room, and loves for her back to be stroked. 

Shira's parents were TICA registered, but we were never able to obtain the paperwork from the breeder. 


Jive is a growing star of our bengal program. She has the rare gene for a long haired coat. Her beautiful seal mink colored fur is soft and is beautifully marbled. She has very distinct, dark stripes up the back of her back legs that reminded me of the nylon lines that were popular during the 40's, earning her the name of a popular dance at the time.

Jive is very friendly and playful. We expect some beautiful long haired babies from her in 2020. Jive is TICA registerd. 


As of this July Sugar is the newest member of our guardian family! She is a beautiful English Cream golden that will be ready for litters next summer. She has huge, deep brown eyes and the sweetest personality. When we picked her up, everyone instantly fell in love. 

We are currently looking for a guardian home for Sugar. If you are interested, just give us a call!


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